Schroeder EVO Center

Setting new standards in fully-automated
sustainable bending solutions.

Schroeder Powerbend Universal

Versatile solution for sheet metal folding of
up-only part profiles.

Schroeder Powerbend Professional

Flexible bi-directional folding for lean
production of complex shapes.

Schroeder Powerbend Industrial

Bi-directional folding for heavy industrial applications.

Schroeder SPB Evolution

High performance, semi-automatic folding
for high accuracy of complex profiles.


Schroeder MAK 4 Evolution

Heavy duty bi-directional folding for
complex profiles in industrial applications.


Schroeder MAK 4

Heavy duty folding of up-only profiles in
industrial applications.


Schroeder 216

Heaviest capacity folding with
automated feeding systems in
up-only industrial applications.


Schroeder Bending Center

Fully automated, high speed, sheet
metal bending solution for large format
or complex profiles.